Dream Sorceress of the Flying Knives

Dream Sorceress of the Flying Knives

A character sketch based on a notion needing a little more filling out in terms of motivation and connections.

"Though it is my dream, it cannot be found in Dreamland."

33 PSY
0 STR Paragon

41 Attributes

3 Key to Dreamland

1 Opens door to Dreamland
2 Hang Named & Numbered Spells

23 Flying Knives (act as a single entity, so x1)

The Flying Knives act on their own to turn aside attacks on their mistress, and at her command, to attack foes in her near vicinity. They have some ability to push, pull, or pick up items, so could be used as extra hands within a close distance, or to move helpless characters if they can be hooked by their clothing or armor. They have a strong dedication to their mistress and will not willingly go far from her.

  • 1 Alternate form (hairpins)
  • 2 Double Vitality (Superior strength for pushing, etc.)
  • 4 Engine Speed (Flying, can rapidly shift targets)
  • 1 Superior Stamina
  • 4 Combat Mastery
  • 1 Hardened
  • 2 Danger Sensitivity
  • 2 Psychic Neutral
  • 6 Resistant to Normal Weapons + Confer Quality

15 Sorcery

Most of her spells are based on mental/psychic effects, and when practicable, draw energy from Dreamland rather than the Gossamer World of her current location (Domain/Control of Destiny; one fewer linchpin).

10 Warden of the Grand Stair

8 Domain: Dreamland (Sphere Endymion)

The geography of Dreamland is mythic rather than literal, though it contains reflections of a myriad literal places in more real, or less changeable Gossamer Worlds. Near the Doors the landscape is more stable, though the light and weather vary at an eyeblink. Nonetheless, there are stable poles that can be sought and found, even if no visitor is likely to experience them the same as any other.
  • 4 Primal Plane
Dreamland is an ancient domain, absorbing psychic influences from the multiverse. Its special characteristics make it an ideal ground for vision quests and divinations, or for starting or sealing certain sorts of enchantments. Even inanimate objects may discover life and voice while within this realm. Yet few could reside here, their psychic boundaries eroded by the constant flux of images, forms, feelings, and uprooted memories. Wishes are fulfilled here, and hearts are broken. Visitors with internal demons may find themselves facing them, arguing or fighting out their inner conflicts. Younger selves will accuse them of betrayal, abandoned lovers will condemn them bitterly, rivals will hiss and heckle, and defeated foes may demand a rematch. Missed opportunities will take form and lament. Beings with less than Superior rank Psyche will tend to get lost in dreams, and those with less than Paragon will find it hard to hold their intent and purpose anywhere far from a Door or stable pole. Beings with strong psychic protections will perceive Dreamland as a near-featureless space filled with quickly-shifting shades, difficult to navigate or understand. The various Powers operate in Dreamland, but they may be unexpectedly diverted or bent. Invocation is a strong power in Dreamland, sometimes unexpectedly so. Wrighting and Icons have power, but struggle to connect at any distance within Dreamland or across its borders, and may mis-connect. High technology is unreliable, fading in and out moment to moment with the waves of dream. Someone with strong presence of mind can hold a space and travel within Dreamland, or deliberately lose themselves among the shifting images. It is difficult to locate and track others in this changing land. Dreamland has permanent residents, even guardians, but they rarely have anything to do with visitors.
  • 4 Control of Destiny
Her magic and her very existence are linked to Dreamland, and she can navigate its changes like a fish in water, undisturbed by the threatening phantoms and projected subpersonalities that bedevil others.

-- 59 Items, Powers, Domains
41 Attributes
100 Total.

Zero Stuff.