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  1. Morphia of Neverturn

    Morphia of Neverturn

    Morphia of Neverturn Depicted as her own Icon.

    Prepared for the campaign Chosen of the Stair.

    The weight of the Sentinel's regard rested upon her like a great pressure upon her mind, inside her mind. She gazed up at the titanic stone figure seated upon, no, carved from the mountainside …

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  2. The Stoneborn

    A slow dream, a slow climb toward waking. Slow rumbles vibrate through flesh. A growing itch quickens my awareness. There is a crack, a crumble, a cough, a breath, and here, sputtering, blinking dust and crumbs in the dazzling light, here am I looking out upon a tiled pavement littered …

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  3. Three Faces of Mairi

    Mairi Morrigan / Mira Morag / Moira Murphy

    Three character elaborations from the same background.

    Mairi, Mira, Moira

    Says I, Mairi Morrigan, that's my name. As good as any, I suppose, I've been Mairi, and Marie, and Mary; Morrigan, Moira, even Miranda once, but that was long ago. Many have I been, different but the …

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  4. The Dustkeeper

    The Dustkeeper

    Dust to dust, as they say. But when the dust won't stay dust, needs must I make it that way.

    Once a happy-go-lucky younger son, he had the mantle of responsibility thrust upon him to defend his realm from arcane creatures of dissolution. Taking the power upon himself …

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  5. Chevalier de Broceliande

    Chevalier de Brocéliande

    Chevalier de Broceliande and Gringolet
    The Chevalier and Gringolet
    Partly inspired by Hal Foster's Prince Valiant

    Based on a character conception and bids in an Attribute Auction run via Google Hangout by Mark Knights.

    • PSY 15+ = Ranked (3rd or better; 1st = 24, 2nd = 21)
    • STR 10 = Dominant
    • END 5+ = Ranked (3rd or …
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  6. Meriadne

    Meriadne (Prospera)

    Once known as Prospera

    "Meriadne? Meriadne? What? That's not... that's not your name. Wait. Prospera, what have you done to yourself?"

    Meriadne is not what she once was. Nor, perhaps, who. As Prospera, she was the Lady of Milanesca, a glorious world of poetry, art, and romance; while …

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  7. Penelope (Pelican, Sabrina)


    Sometimes known as Pelican or Sabrina

    Sabrina fair
    Listen where thou art sitting
    Under the glassy, cool, translucent wave,
    In twisted braids of lilies knitting
    The loose train of thy amber-dropping hair

    -- Milton

    Penelope's generosity is tinged with sorrow. Some time ago, her twin babies were stolen from her …

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  8. Jack O'Green

    Jack O'Green

    "This place is years derelict. The moss, the vines, the spiderwebs."

    The other laughed, saying "Overnight." Louder, said "Jack! We're here!"

    A bit of charm, a willing hand, and some unusual talents help Jack O'Green make his way in the world and the Worlds. He's not sure of …

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  9. Titus


    "King Log", "The Sponsor"

    • 40 PSY
    • 1 STR
    • 1 END
    • 10 WAR

    52 Attributes

    3 Partisan Support: The Hansa

    A group of Gossamer Worlders who believe that trade and commerce among strong, independent worlds by means of the Stair or other means of connection is a positive good, and …

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  10. Ex-Prisoner

    The Prisoner

    Inspired by William Blake's Orc

    "I wonder if there's more than a bit of me still trapped there." A once-chained rebel, his rebellion still sleeps, enchained.

    Compare Orc (Wikipedia)

    • 5 PSY
    • 25 STR
    • 10 END
    • 25 WAR

    65 Attributes

    10 Warden of the Grand Stair

    Before he was …

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  11. Old Stone Brush

    Old Stone Brush

    Castle Carver and Mountain Sage

    "It is your very urgency that convinces me there is no more important thing in this moment than to prepare the tea."

    Old Stone Brush takes a deliberate approach to things when he can, preferring to appreciate the world, and the worlds …

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  12. Sky Captain Hawk

    Hawk Springer

    Space Prince / Sky Captain


    • PSY: Ranked
    • STR: Low Rank
    • END: Low Rank
    • WAR: Ranked

    63 Attributes

    10 Warden of the Grand Stair

    Fleeing attack, handed the Key by his mentor who held back the foes, Hawk found himself not at the expected safe haven but on the …
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