The Dustkeeper

The Dustkeeper

Dust to dust, as they say. But when the dust won't stay dust, needs must I make it that way.

Once a happy-go-lucky younger son, he had the mantle of responsibility thrust upon him to defend his realm from arcane creatures of dissolution. Taking the power upon himself, he has been defender, avenger, and fiery cleanser of corruption using its own tools. True to form, he has taken his role as protector and destroyer with serious attention, but with a light heart and attitude.

  • 15 PSY
  • -10 STR Superior
  • 05 END
  • 05 WAR

15 Attributes (25 - 10)

10 Warden of the Grand Stair. How many twists this crypt, how many doors. What place is this?

50 Umbra Mastery. To dust shalt thou return!
The Dustkeeper's prime application of Umbra power is to hasten the dissolution of hostile Umbra-tainted entities. Harrower of arcane battlefields, cleanser of the Necropolis, slayer of plague vermin, feeder of fevers and fires. On occasion has used Umbra to heal, burning infection away.

15 Sorcery. Largely designed to be destructive, banishing, or warding spells loosed from the Sword. Spell List includes: Flaming Sword, Consuming Firebolt, No-Pass Ward, Banish Gaunt, Banish Undead, Carpet of Flames, Confusion (Umbra Mind), Jitters/Seizure (Umbra Nerves), Earth Tremor, Wave, Wind Blast

09 Sword of Severing

  • 2 Double Damage
  • 1 Connected to Umbra
  • 1 Mold Gossamer Matter: Using willpower, cuts anything not reinforced by a Power.
  • 4 Can Hang and Use Named and Numbered spells (no lynchpin time!)
  • 1 True Name is Known

84 Powers, Items

1 Good Stuff

100 Total