The Prisoner

Inspired by William Blake's Orc

"I wonder if there's more than a bit of me still trapped there." A once-chained rebel, his rebellion still sleeps, enchained.

Compare Orc (Wikipedia)

  • 5 PSY
  • 25 STR
  • 10 END
  • 25 WAR

65 Attributes

10 Warden of the Grand Stair

Before he was imprisoned, he was a wanderer of the Gossamer Worlds, a liberator and partisan of the oppressed and bound, yet was himself chained. Since his escape, he has spent his time wandering the Stair, comforted by the very act of traveling, less of a contender, perhaps, for a time, his imprisonment having created a space of breath between passion and action.

5 Item: The Shackle

A dark metal band circles his wrist, attached to an arm's length of heavy chain. Usually the chain is wrapped in a leather sleeve, but he can free it for combat in a trice. A hated, ever-present memento of his imprisonment, it is no more removable than his arm. When pressed, it can be a defense, parrying near-any weapon, or a weapon in itself, channeling his rage.

  • 4 Invulnerable to Conventional Weapons
  • 1 Hardened

8 Domain: Catenos, Place of Chains

I'm leaving this fairly open. It haunts his dreams ("tied fate") and is some sort of mythic center. One could use William Blake's mythic London/Babylon/Jerusalem/Golgonooza; one could use The Village from The Prisoner (having escaped his chains, he can't escape The Village). Perhaps a restless, endlessly cycling river girds a maze of bitter mountains, host to harpies, chains, and ruins. Perhaps there is a heart of gears, steam, and glowing forges. Yet who is the warden of this prison place? Are the manacles mind-forg'd, and the throne empty?

  • 4 Primal World
  • 4 Control of Destiny (for the "tied fate" aspect, not control)

10 Cantrips: Focus, Fracture, Grasp, Invigorate, Nullify

2 Set of Icons

(Zero Stuff)