Jack O'Green

Jack O'Green

"This place is years derelict. The moss, the vines, the spiderwebs."

The other laughed, saying "Overnight." Louder, said "Jack! We're here!"

A bit of charm, a willing hand, and some unusual talents help Jack O'Green make his way in the world and the Worlds. He's not sure of his place, but he takes things as they come and tries to help more than he harms.

  • 20 PSY
  • 1 STR
  • 15 END
  • 1 WAR

37 Attributes

10 Warden of the Grand Stair

50 "Flawed" Umbra Mastery

"Safe work, he says. Boring work, he says. Feed the ponds. Stir the ponds. Skim the ponds. Next year you learn the good stuff, he says. Hard stuff. Scary magic stuff. For now it's easy. Just don't FALL IN the ponds. Well, easier said than done."
While Jack has attained the knowledge and talents owing to being inhabited by the Umbra, his imprint is leaky and contagious. When concentrating, he has the usual Umbra powers. When at rest or asleep, the powers have him. Anything strengthened by the Eidolon is immune, but ordinary Gossamer reality, especially living things, tend to go a bit wild in Jack's presence. Plants sprout strange growths, and the organic evidence of disorder spreads rapidly. Sometimes, especially if he's in a good mood, it's wonderful disorder. Sometimes not so much.
"Oh, you're that nice young man who brought me flowers. I planted them out back. Look, see, what a wonder they've made of my garden!"
"Now you. Sing all you want in the common room, but you're sleeping in the shed tonight! Twice you've slept over the kegs, and twice my beer has been ruined!"
"Jack, stop doing that!"
A cigarette end squirmed itself to life in the dish, growing as it consumed bits of ash and fallen pipeleaf.
"Eh? Huh, the smoke usually does for them. I must really be tired. I'll bed down by the fire then."

2 Set of Icons

1 Good Stuff