Kickaha, Trickster of the World of Tiers

Kickaha (Paul Janus Finnegan)

An interpretation of Philip Jose Farmer's World of Tiers character.

Born Paul Janus Finnegan, an Earth native who happened by chance upon a Gate to the World of Tiers. Paul found himself in a grand version of a heroic playground, where his wit and physical skills stood him in good stead, and his charm earned him loving admirers. His restlessness (and habit of making enemies) led him to wander the World of Tiers, setting up a new name and identity on every inhabited tier. He calls himself Kickaha, after the name of a trickster god on a level of wide plains contended over by centaurs and mounted tribesmen.


  • 10 PSY
  • 10 STR
  • 10 END
  • 20 WAR

50 Attributes

9 Gate Crasher

Kickaha can travel the Gates set up by the ancient builders of worlds, having learned by rote and experimentation, but has no deep attunement or understanding and none of the intuitive senses of a Warden. Without the true Warden power, Kickaha must also rely on his wits, his alliances, and the Horn of Shambarimen to travel between the worlds without getting lost.

7 Item: The Horn of Shambarimen

  • 1 Pass Through Door
  • 2 Connected to the Grand Stair. Can reveal and unlock Doors.
  • 4 Invulnerable

1 Domain: World of Tiers

A wedding-cake shaped tower of a world floating in a tiny pocket universe, the World of Tiers has separate levels, each a domain with its own culture and denizens, from the tropical idyll of the base to the vacant but Talos-defended stronghold at the top.
Kickaha has at least one named persona and role on each inhabited tier, and at least one girl in every port. The monsters of Greek mythology hold sway over the barren regions and borderlands, and infest the steep cliffs between the tiers. Nymphs, centaur tribes, and harpies are known. Kickaha's Ranked attributes are significantly boosted (to stated levels) by the subtle biological machinery of the World of Tiers, which can maintain or restore vigorous youth, health, and strength. 1 Personal Domain

3 A Girl in Every Port / Friends In Low Places

Kickaha has many friends, part-time and ex-lovers, and folks who owe him favors over the various layers of the World of Tiers. Of course he has many enemies and rivals as well.
1 Gossamer World Ally
x3 Horde (More properly a "creature" modifier but seems OK here).

5 Ally: Wolff, once known as Jadawin.

An exiled, amnesic Lord who recovered his power, domain, and history with Kickaha's help. Wolff, having lived a full life as a 20th-c American, acts from those attitudes rather than the anger, jealousy, and manipulation of his sibling Lords, who mostly brood in their own private worlds.

25 Powers, Items, Allies

75 Total

0 Zero Stuff.

Kickaha could be just as easily interpreted as a Good Stuff character, for his charm and luck, or with a little Bad Stuff, from his misfortunes and accumulated enemies.