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  1. Dennis Nuel

    Dennis Nuel

    Physicist on the Zievatronics Project / Master of Practice

    From David Brin's novel "The Practice Effect". This describes Dennis after he has spent time consciously mastering the "practice" powers that are active in the world he explores.

    • 40 PSY
    • -10 STR Superior
    • 5 END
    • 5 WAR

    50 Eidolon Initiate …

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  2. Sulley and Mike

    Sulley and Mike Adapted from Monsters Inc.

    I've split 100 points between two characters. They work closely together and have complementary strengths.

    Sulley, a great shaggy blue beast, has the advantage of a naturally imposing physique. But his fuzzy cuteness has to be worked around by rigorous training in scariness …

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  3. Scobie Redfern

    Scobie Redfern

    Ex-Soldier / Dimension Wanderer

    From Kenneth Bulmer's parallel-worlds novel "The Wizards of Senchuria"

    A demobilized veteran and rootless opportunist, Scobie Redfern used to think of himself as a regular guy just trying to get along in a world full of traps for saps. Swept by accident into one of …

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