Kubera the Builder

Kubera the Builder

Whose buildings and artifacts carry the meaning and power of their builder's intentions.

There, in the center of renunciation and abandonment, withdrawal and departure, are the five rooms named Memory, Fear, Heartbreak, Dust, and Despair, and this place was built by Kubera the Fat, who cared not a tittle for any of these sentiments, but who, as a friend of Lord Kalkin, had done this construction at the behest of Candi the Fierce, sometimes known as Durga and as Kali.

From Roger Zelazny's Lord of Light.

  • 20 PSY
  • 1 STR
  • 2 END
  • 1 WAR

24 Attributes

35 Master of the Grand Stair Warden: Doors: Warding, creating, bridging, severing, history, manipulating Grand Stair: Affecting Stair, Domain of Desire

30 Wrighting Kubera's talent for Wrighting is also expressed in architecture, in creating places which have a psychic effect upon their visitors.

7 Domain: Tetradrachm, the Four-Faced Orb

  • 2 Common Ground
  • 1 Control of Contents
  • 4 Guarded

    The public face of Kubera's own domain is a fantasia of building and landscape architecture writ large, with homages to his favorite places across the Gossamer Worlds, dioramas of history, hedge and stone mazes, singing gardens, purple mountains shining over long, glassy lakes, great animal and landscape parks tended by silent keepers. Tucked in corners are the habitats of those he has sponsored, or rescued, or who please him by being nearby to visit. His domain, especially his palaces, are densely interlinked by in-world Doors, so he always has a way in, a way out, or an eye or ear on anywhere. The labyrinthine caves of its interior, the starlit, frosty cities in permanent night, and the bubbling cauldrons of the everday side are not open to visitors. Usually open to Icon/Wrighting contact, with the feeling of a slight barrier. The main Door opens into a broad space looking across to the Great Stone Face, which inspires a feeling of being watched and a compulsion to stare back. Much of the guarding is wrought into the domain, with some sleeping creatures inherited from the world's older role as a forge for war and a crèche for monsters.

4 Numbered Sets of Icons

76 Powers, Domains, Items

100 Total

Zero Stuff.