Meriadne (Prospera)

Once known as Prospera

"Meriadne? Meriadne? What? That's not... that's not your name. Wait. Prospera, what have you done to yourself?"

Meriadne is not what she once was. Nor, perhaps, who. As Prospera, she was the Lady of Milanesca, a glorious world of poetry, art, and romance; while envy and strife were known, they did not prevail. Since the fall of Milanesca at her own hand, she broods, wrapping her new domain with chains of her own making, holding it together, and preserving what she can for its destiny, as home for the survivors of her fallen world.

"The blood taxers are here again, I reckon," one said. "Me and the little one are for the hills."
His interlocutor replied, "Eh, I've got a few drops yet. And they do feed you well."

Symbol: A Labyrinth centered on two red droplets. Colors: Crimson and Obsidian


  • 14 PSY
  • 01 STR
  • 09 END
  • 01 WAR

25 Attributes

10 Warden of the Grand Stair

1 Domain: Milanesca. Cursed. Umbra strong, Eidolon weak, other powers at par.

Milanesca is a sad, shattered world. Once a blessed Arcadian domain of marble temples, blue sea-coves, sunny islands, rocky hills, olives, grapes, figs, flocks and herds, it is now a wasteland wracked by storm and lightning, its inhabitants cowering in caves from the wrath of the sky and sea. Milanesca fell into ruin at the will of Meriadne, then called Prospera, at her rage at a betrayal.

5 Domain: Turnagain. Personal Domain, Control of Destiny. Powers at par.

Turnagain was a world formerly controlled by Meriadne's betrayer. Taking temporary refuge here from her self-wrought devastation of Milanesca, she noticed Turnagain starting to lose coherence with the absence of its lord. She made the world hers, and it made her its keystone. The vast terrathermal engines of its old lord still whirl, powering its underground forges and extruding castles and cities from the earth, but the domain is now stabilized by a labyrinth of curling Ley Lines connecting significant points with whirls of subtle force. Meriadne and any in her company can quickly travel the world along the lines of force, and she can summon storms, fire, lightning, and convulsions of the earth by calling on their power.
Turnagain is home to a number of forlorn refugees of Milanesca transported by Meriadne and her blood-wrought assistants, who regard their new world and transformed mistress with more fear than gratitude.

30 Wrighting

4 Named and Numbered sets of Icons

21 Bloodwrighting
Meriadne can, with modest effort, conjure creatures from her own blood or from anyone who could be the subject of an Icon, and command them to serve as messengers, scouts, or spies connected with a specific person for a time. Their connection will wane with time unless Meriadne renews it, limiting the number of bloodwright creatures active at any time. Oberon's blood-bird created for Corwin was a creature of this sort.
Meriadne's creatures might include red-eyed crows, black squirrels, foxes, or a pet or service animal, of a form fixed on creation. Meriadne ordinarily has one or more bloodwright creatures keyed to herself, whether by her person, or keeping watch on her domains or other subjects of interest.

  • 1 Animal Vitality
  • 2 Double Speed
  • 2 Can Speak and Reason
  • 2 Follow Path
  • 1 Psychic Sensitivity (allows creature to initiate Icon link)
  • 1 Contains an Icon (blood or icon link to subject).
  • x2 Limited to Named and Numbered creatures at any time
  • Meriadne's Bloodwrought servant Pax (x1) accompanies her, and has, in addition:
  • 1 Psychic Resistance
  • 2 Combat Reflexes

5 Gossamer Lord Ally

68 Powers, Domains, Items

101 Total

100 Base

1 Bad Stuff