Old Stone Brush

Old Stone Brush

Castle Carver and Mountain Sage

"It is your very urgency that convinces me there is no more important thing in this moment than to prepare the tea."

Old Stone Brush takes a deliberate approach to things when he can, preferring to appreciate the world, and the worlds, in their variety and texture rather than rushing through it trailing clouds of smoke and glory. He sees himself as a student of life more than a grand actor on its stage, and loves seeing the humor and secrets revealed to those who take a longer view. He's apt to lose interest with others who are driven by outward ambition, and more attracted to those driven by curiosity, by kindness, and by devotion to attainment. But he honors and supports his friends, even when they might fly off the handle a little.

Where a sorcerer might spend hours grooming his spells, Old Stone Brush takes time to meditate, to clear his thoughts and breath, and to keep up practice of the Mountain Heart Way, his tradition of martial arts.

  • 21 PSY
  • 30 STR
  • 2 END
  • 17 WAR

70 Attributes

10 Warden of the Grand Stair

8 Lucky

Lucky is a very special cat. Though she cannot speak in words, she can recognize people, follow people she knows, carry messages and communicate with her master and with other animals.
She is clever, loyal, and fortunate.

  • 2 Able to Speak and Reason
  • 2 Follow Path
  • 2 Danger Sensitivity
  • 1 Psychic Resistance
  • 1 Good Stuff

2 Icons

He and Lucky the Cat wear Icons of each other.

1 Domain: The Western Ranges

  • 1 Personal Domain

1 The Stone Brush

His Stone Brush can mold stone like the softest clay, and trace figures into glass and metal. His Stone Mountain Carvings are of great renown in the Western Ranges.

  • 1 Mold Gossamer Matter

5 Gossamer Lord Ally

"Friends are a joy, and wise friends a treasure." He might be apt to wander off without a notion that his involvement is a personal favor to a friend.

27 Powers, Creatures, Domains, Allies

3 Good Stuff