Penelope (Pelican, Sabrina)


Sometimes known as Pelican or Sabrina

Sabrina fair
Listen where thou art sitting
Under the glassy, cool, translucent wave,
In twisted braids of lilies knitting
The loose train of thy amber-dropping hair

-- Milton

Penelope's generosity is tinged with sorrow. Some time ago, her twin babies were stolen from her. Though she has searched the worlds, she never found them. The Order of the Pelican has been a solace for her, helping others where she has not been able to help herself. Yet still she searches, whether staring into her children's icons, or studying mysteries that might help her find them, or help her start anew.

"I've learned much about why we, so vital, are so rarely fertile."
"There's a connection?"
"Yes. And there are ways around it. There are the usual magic dodges, but the side effects and risks are undesirable. There are more laborious workarounds, with herbs, diet and exercise unto exhaustion. And then there is another road. Parthenogenesis."

Penelope has the beauty and poise of a young matron, but her eyes are often far away. She often travels from restlessness, curiosity, and a sense of mission, or to grant or repay a favor.


  • The heraldic Pelican in her piety, letting her chicks drink blood from her breast.
  • The Dancing Egg, tumbling ceaselessly in the jet of a fountain garlanded round by fruit and flowers.


  • 25 PSY
  • 00 STR Paragon
  • 09 END
  • 01 WAR

35 Attributes

10 Warden of the Grand Stair

30 Wrighting

2 Locket

Contains an Icon (named and numbered x2)
Penelope wears a locket with the Icons of her infant twins, one on each side. On the same chain is a bead carved into an Icon in minuscule likeness of herself, usable for Icon Defense.

4 Sets of Icons (Set of Icons, x2 Named and Numbered; extra sets) People Penelope knows from her travels, including duplicates, rendered as Trumps.

4 Silver Branch

4 Search Through Worlds
Allows Penelope to search through the worlds of the Grand Stair for her subject, especially when also using an icon or possession of the one sought.

2 Lens

2 Mold Gossamer Creatures
Penelope's healing abilities are significantly amplified by the Lens, which helps her perceive and repair illness. Working with an Icon or Icon Sketch of the subject also aids these powers. Rapid or deep healing comes at a greater cost.

3 Order of the Pelican: Partisan Support

The Order of the Pelican is represented on multiple Gossamer Worlds and has three charges:

  • To find the lost
  • To heal the sick and injured
  • To foster the orphaned and abandoned

The Order predates Penelope's involvement but has prospered with her sponsorship.

5 Gossamer Lord Ally

2 Caliban the Changeling

1 Pass Through Door
1 Superior level Psyche

When Penelope sought across worlds for her stolen babies, a false trail led her to the child who became known as Caliban the Changeling. Helpless and alone, Penelope could not abandon him. He has grown into a strange foster son, loyal, yet quiet and brooding, knowing not his own nature. He has demonstrated an affinity for The Grand Stair, but has not otherwise come into his own. He has an Icon of Penelope from one of her sets. He usually resides on The Cascade Isles, and does not know of The Grove.

2 Domain: The Grove (Personal Domain, Communication Barrier)

Penelope's retreat. Sometimes she goes there to be alone. An endless, gloomy, misty forest.

1 Domain: The Cascade Isles

A Gossamer World whose land mass is dominated by island chains. The Order of the Pelican is well represented here, having hospitals, orphanages, and training centers. The locals have many songs of the sea, and revere its strength and its echoes in clouds, springs, mist, and waterfalls.

65 Powers, Items, Domains, Allies.

Zero Stuff