Sky Captain Hawk

Hawk Springer

Space Prince / Sky Captain


  • PSY: Ranked
  • STR: Low Rank
  • END: Low Rank
  • WAR: Ranked

63 Attributes

10 Warden of the Grand Stair

Fleeing attack, handed the Key by his mentor who held back the foes, Hawk found himself not at the expected safe haven but on the Grand Stair, the portal sealed behind him. His first walk initiated him into the Stair, and after his sojourn on Nimbus Argo, his later return confirmed his power. Despite searching the Stair, he has not been able to find a way back to his own world.

15 Forceblade

Hawk's Forceblade is a relic of his birth world, and personally attuned to him through his psychic training. When Hawk wields the blade, he and his sword are one, and its swirling arcs can parry arrows, bullets, and blaster fire. When Hawk is inclined to mercy, it shreds his enemies' weapons, uniforms, and fancy curled mustaches; when not, it shreds his enemies. The Forceblade takes the form of a glowing saber when in full use. He can activate the blade with less power to serve as a blunt parrying rod, and its glow is proportionately dimmer.
  • 4 Deadly Damage
  • 4 + 5 Invulnerable to Conventional Weapons + Confer Quality
  • 1 True Name is Known: Hawk senses where his Forceblade is, and with assistance, can locate it at great distance. The blade's special qualities cannot be used without attunement to its Name.
  • 1 Alternate Form: When not active, the Forceblade is a hand-sized cylinder of meteoritic iron traced with faint symbols.

5 Star Key

Key to the Door of his birth world, a spacefaring society which combined high technology and psychic mastery. Hawk wears this around his neck, or when preparing for battle, upon his belt.
  • 4 Mold Gossamer Reality: The key sustains the wearer from normally nonviable environments such as airless, cold, and underwater locales. Extending the protection to companions or enduring more actively hostile environments requires concentration and energy.
  • 1 Pass through a Door; though Hawk has never rediscovered his birth world.

5 Hawk's Crews

Hawk has sailed the seas and skies of many worlds, and his old crews bear him loyalty and admiration. If he needs to travel the seas or skies, or to crew a ship, he can find a crew to do the job.
  • 1 Combat Training (Ship / Skyship Crew)
  • x5 Cross World Persistent

1 Personal Domain: Nimbus Argo

Nimbus Argo is the name of the floating sky city that is the pre-eminent domain of this world. Floating sky cities rule the air, though lesser domains exist at higher and lower levels, making use of buoyancy manipulation and knowledge of the winds to travel viable circuits of trade or plunder. The surface world is inhabited by serfs, tribesmen, and wildlands full of monstrous beasts, as well as the armed camps surrounding the mines, smelters, and glassworks essential to the sky cities which float above it all. Hawk first drudged in a sea-ship as a cabin boy, then earned his wings by assisting in the capture of a sky ship. Later he served as a royal courier for Nimbus Argo, a scout and explorer, an officer, and last, as commander of a wing of sky warships. Ultimately he rediscovered a door to the Grand Stair and explored any world where he could tread a deck or discover a clue to his birth world. Now a retired sky captain of Nimbus Argo, he returns perodically to keep in touch with his shipmates and enjoy the glory of sailing the skies.

1 Personal Domain (Lost): The Cynosure Cluster

The Cynosure Cluster is a multi-species, star-spanning society where high technology and psychic mastery co-exist. Though magic as such is unknown, techno-psychic powers similar to Wrighting and Invocation allow psychic abilities to manipulate beings' perception, memory, will, and vital forces and maintain contact over vast distances. Though Hawk received basic training in mind-strengthening meditation and psychic connection, his talent is still mostly potential. Hawk possesses a Key to the Cynosure Cluster but has lost the Door. Left behind were his family, his princely domain, his mentor in psycho-technology, and his betrothed. By now, perhaps all have faded. Or perhaps they still need him.

0 Zero Stuff