Sulley and Mike

Sulley and Mike Adapted from Monsters Inc.

I've split 100 points between two characters. They work closely together and have complementary strengths.

Sulley, a great shaggy blue beast, has the advantage of a naturally imposing physique. But his fuzzy cuteness has to be worked around by rigorous training in scariness. Sulley's naturally easy-going, but delights in rising to dramatic occasions. He relies on his best friend Mike for scare-coaching and strategy.

Mike, a little green cyclops, had ambitions to be a great scarer, but his diminutive size was too much of a challenge to overcome. He's put his diligent studies to work as a coach of scariness. Mike has always had to work a little harder at things, and dealing with ups and downs have made him resourceful, if a little suspicious and a bit of a schemer. Mike relies on his pal Sulley to help him make good impressions and deliver the goods in scare-power.


  • 11 PSY
  • 25 STR
  • 10 END
  • -10 WAR Superior

10 Cantrips: Dim, Paralyze, Sureness, Scare, Giggle

  • Scare: Reflects a special push to deeply frighten a target. Sulley might use this if the dreamer resists being frightened, or if he's in a hurry to make his nightly quota.
  • Giggle: An experiment to liberate the newly discovered power in laughter.

3 Partisan Support: employee of Monsters Inc., with full benefits.

1 Good Stuff


  • 1 PSY
  • -10 STR Superior
  • 0 END Paragon
  • 46 WAR

10 Cantrips: Reveal, Stun, Quicken, Nullify, Scare

  • Scare: As Sulley. Works best if Mike jumps out, up close.

3 Partisan Support: Monsters Inc.

1 Bad Stuff