"King Log", "The Sponsor"

  • 40 PSY
  • 1 STR
  • 1 END
  • 10 WAR

52 Attributes

3 Partisan Support: The Hansa

A group of Gossamer Worlders who believe that trade and commerce among strong, independent worlds by means of the Stair or other means of connection is a positive good, and will help the Worlds be resilient to future threats. The Hansa make practices of sharing knowledge of traveling conditions and mutual exchange of heralds, traders, and experts, though this may be secret according to the nature of the worlds concerned. They take special note of threats and restrictions to travel and to pirates and looters, routing around dangers or combining against them.

35 Master of the Grand Stair

2 Set of Icons

Includes members of the Hansa and key contacts in Forum Apertum

6 Domain: Dulce Domum / Forum Apertum

Within the walls of the Forum are academies of learning, manufactories and studios of art and craft, schools of rhetoric, philosophy, engineering, architecture, military science and medicine.
The larger world is Earthlike, with a moderate population and large wild spaces. Though its cultures tend to be strongly influenced by the Forum, there are insular groups and those who have left civilization behind. There are also settlements of refugees from broken Worlds.
Eidolon is stronger than Umbra. Invocation is at par. Wrighting/Icons are weak across the boundary, requiring extra "push" to connect.
Sorcery is weak, generally requiring a boost from some other Power.
Technology is accomplished up to a Classical level, stronger in mathematics and medicine. Gunpowder is absent, so in place of fireworks, there are fire balloons and flame balls towed by teams of trained bats. Electricity is an unreliable toy. Biology and animal and plant breeding are advanced. Bioluminescence is used for high-class lamps.
The domain is not his creation, but it bears his stamp, and its current Doors, its wards, its connection to the Hansa and its guarded-yet-open policies are his doing. The mark of previous Lords' work lies on the land, however.
2 Common Ground
The keepers of Forum Apertum are sworn to impartially admit all who will keep the Pax Mercatum, regardless of the Sponsor's personal alliances. Part of the premise of common ground is that the terms of entry and conduct are clear and predictable and based on conduct rather than affiliation. Great boards and printed circulars posted in common areas list the coming and going of caravans, ships, and travelers in and out of the Doors.
4 Guarded
The Shadow walls of the Forum are warded against incursion, and a network of energized, ever-vigilant Janus pylons guards the outer Doors and watches for any attempts to sneak through them, subvert the human guards, or enter by any other means. Powerful wards suppress magic within the city, already weak in this Gossamer World, and dissolve active enchantments passing from one district of the city to another.
Three main Doors open near to the central city of Forum Apertum.
One opens on the Atrium. Another opens on a marble pavement at the bottom of the the Foveum Profundum, a deep crater outside the walls.
A third opens by the Portus Maximus, the main harbor. The main doors are generally open, if closely watched, and have long clear sight lines maintained around them. Sand is kept spread and raked before each Door, and strong nets are kept poised above each. A party of heralds meets any unfamiliar peaceful entrants. Returnees may simply state "Amicus Forum" or "Pax Mercatum" and enter under the eyes of Janus.
There is a postern in the Sponsor's Quarters. On the Grand Stair side, the postern is hidden and, if found end entered, records the incursion ("Warded") and redirects elsewhere onto the Grand Stair ("Diverted").

46 Powers, Allies, Domains

2 Good Stuff