Kalokairi, Eversummer Queen

Kalokairi, also called Verana, Eversummer Queen

"To save my world, I took on the mantle of the Ideal, and wrapped in its bonds, lost myself from the world. No longer do I circle with the month, no longer do my name, colors and lineaments change with the seasons, no longer am I reborn with the year. One season it was mine to be Queen of Summer. Now I am summer in summer, summer in winter, the Eversummer Queen."

The Summer Queen was a local Gossamer being influential in her world and connected deeply to its powers. Recruited to defend against an incursion of Shadow, she was given a crisis initiation into the Power of the Eidolon to help save her world and seal it from further destruction. As a side effect, she lost her deep connection to the cyclic powers of her world.

After ages repairing her world and its mirror planes, she is ready to seek her place in the universe, now that she is in her world, but no longer quite of it. The hardly-changing image in a mirror is not what she expected.

  • 20 PSY 20
  •  0 STR Paragon
  •  5 END 5
  •  0 WAR Paragon

50 Eidolon Attunement

10 Warden of the Grand Stair

4 Domain: Orbs of the Wheel

  • 1 Personal Domain
  • 1 Control of Contents Repairing the Orbs makes them reflect her notion of them.
  • x2 Named and Numbered
    The Orbs of the Wheel are a set of linked Gossamer Worlds connected in the form of a Planetary Gear set. A sacred circuit of energy flows between all of them as each of them turns against its neighbors. Now that the Summer Queen has repaired them as best she can, the circuit flows smoothly, in the main.

5 TBD: items or attributes

5 Gossamer Lord Ally

1 Good Stuff

Visual inspiration for the Orbs of the Wheel:
the Flammarion "edge of the world" illustration http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Flammarion.jpg

Inside looking out