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  1. Three Faces of Mairi

    Mairi Morrigan / Mira Morag / Moira Murphy

    Three character elaborations from the same background.

    Mairi, Mira, Moira

    Says I, Mairi Morrigan, that's my name. As good as any, I suppose, I've been Mairi, and Marie, and Mary; Morrigan, Moira, even Miranda once, but that was long ago. Many have I been, different but the …

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  2. Chevalier de Broceliande

    Chevalier de Brocéliande

    Chevalier de Broceliande and Gringolet
    The Chevalier and Gringolet
    Partly inspired by Hal Foster's Prince Valiant

    Based on a character conception and bids in an Attribute Auction run via Google Hangout by Mark Knights.

    • PSY 15+ = Ranked (3rd or better; 1st = 24, 2nd = 21)
    • STR 10 = Dominant
    • END 5+ = Ranked (3rd or …
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