Terzanel, Lord of Gossamer

"Between two worlds where one man holds ultimate power, the thing he most wants is something he cannot have. Will his powers grant his deepest desire, or will they doom him to disillusionment?"

Terzanel as the emperor Claudius
Terzanel, Lord of Gossamer depicted as the emperor Claudius framed by a Penrose tiling.

Prepared for Ben Barnett's game The Gossamer Web.


  • PSY 40 = Rank 2
  • STR 05 = Rank 4
  • END 06 = Rank 4.5
  • WAR 05 = Rank 5


56 Attributes


01 Light-Upon-Water Umbra-touched stormy world, sea, islands, many moons. Salamandra's previous personal domain.

01 Penrose's Arbor Eidolonic garden reclaimed from ruin, populated by ex-War refugeee groups.



01 Emeraude, Haute-Clothier of Yggdrasill
01 Argentiel, Blade of Shatterdark
05 Lord/Lady of Gossamer


Artifacts and Creatures

05 Sally (Salamandra Didyma)
Sally is a magical recreation of Terzanel's lost love Salamandra, the latest and best in a series of attempted revivals. Psychic Sensitivity Psychic Resistance Superior Endurance Open Door +1 Good Stuff

08 Prince (The Charm Cat)
Prince is Salamandra's pet, and may hold connections to her essence. Danger Sense Mold Gossamer Creatures (charm favor) Superior Stamina Connected to Umbra Psychic Neutral

02 Set of Icons (old acquaintances and allies)


80 Subtotal (Attributes + Domains + Allies + Artifacts & Creatures)


50 Eidolon Mastery
10 Warden of the Grand Stair


140 Points Spent
10 +10 Good Stuff

150 Character Base

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