Oscar Z. "The Great And Powerful" Diggs

Oscar Z. Diggs

Known, betimes, as The Great And Powerful Oz.

O.Z. Diggs and the Mangaboo Sorcerer
O.Z. abandons a losing Psyche contest to use Warfare against the Mangaboo Sorcerer.

Oscar Diggs knew himself marked for an unusual destiny. How else could he carry such a name as his own -- Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkel Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs. Fame was assured, though destiny can always use a helping hand, and O. Z. Diggs is the one to provide it.

Making his name first as a traveling showman and illusionist, O.Z. specialized in grand spectacle. Fireworks, spectral voices, impersonations, and stage illusions were his passion. His mechanical talent allowed him to invent his own devices for his show, using steam, compressed air, electricity and fire to put on a grand impression. Though he never neglected the personal touch; tricks with hats, scarves, balls and rings, and bold, imaginative lies stated with great confidence. When O.Z. was really on his game, he was able to heal the sick with the touch of his hand. While not every trick turned right, he knew how to turn slips into laughter and win back his audience.

When a balloon ascent went wrong, taking him far away, O.Z. found himself descending into a magical country divided into cardinal quadrants, filled with bizarre tribes and talking animals, and wracked with the throes of a succession war. Riding a balloon decorated with the ancient royal emblem, "OZ", proved a stroke of luck, and the locals imagined him to be arriving to sweep away the quarrelling usurpers. Keeping a cool head, O.Z. parlayed his wit and illusions into the rulership of a faction, styling himself "Oz, The Great and Powerful", mixing leadership and trickery to have his way. Like riding a tiger, rulership proved a great challenge, and in fright at the opposition of witches of real magic power, O.Z. used his old tricks of spectacle and impersonation to convince a a group of wanderers that in order to get his help, they should eliminate his last threatening rival, which, with luck, they accomplished. O.Z. did his best to keep his bargains with his supplicants, granting humbug tokens of brains, heart, and courage to the locals in need. As to the last wanderer, a girl swept away from Kansas like himself, he promised to take her back with him on his balloon, now repaired. But the girl's dog went missing, and his balloon broke its mooring and left without her.

Some time later, fate led O.Z. back to the Land of Oz, where he agreed to serve the new ruler faithfully, and to enter an apprenticeship into real magic with Glinda, the Good Witch of the South. After absorbing the basics of magic from Glinda, O.Z. used his talent for showmanship and invention to craft his own magic spells, often embodying them as pills and powders.

  • 15 PSY
  • 00 STR Paragon
  • 20 END
  • 30 WAR

65 Attributes

15 Sorcery

O.Z. follows Glinda's style, which combines ceremonies with the use of enchanted items, and avoids use of lynchpins or maintaining hung spells on a Power or matrix. His restless mind has invented various spells of his own, favoring showy or startling effects. He is one of the few residents of Oz to have a royal license to practice magic.

14 The Armamentarium

O.Z.'s toolchest of magics, including prepared spells in the form of pills, powders, potions and devices. It requires time and a magical laboratory to restock its magics, and fire, water, or rough handling may spoil them. Note that they are prepared presuming a magical environment similar to Oz, and may need O.Z. to tinker with them to tune them for a different environment.

  • 4 Capable of Hanging and Using Spells.
  • 10 Confer Power. Others can use the "instant mix" spells which O.Z. has prepared in advance.

5 Domain: Land of Oz. Since his fateful balloon arrival, Oz continues to pull Oscar back. He has used his wit and boldness to defend his adopted home and friends from numerous magical foes.

  • 1 Personal Domain
  • 4 Control of Destiny (in the sense that he is tied to Oz now).

34 Powers, Items, Domain

1 Good Stuff

100 Total